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PLA Magic Silk

    Rosa3D PLA Magic Silk


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    Colors: Dragon Fruit
    Weight: 300g

    Unveil Your Projects in a New Dimension with PLA Magic Silk: We introduce the revolutionary PLA Magic Silk filament from Rosa3D, which blends two or three colors into a single strand through an advanced co-extrusion process. Ideal for both professionals and hobbyists, this filament allows for the creation of prints with incredible, "magical" visual effects that catch the eye and dazzle with detail.

    Applications of PLA Magic Silk Filament:

    • Decorations and Interior Elements: Create unique, aesthetic components for any interior.
    • Jewelry: Design original jewelry that stands out from traditional accessories.
    • Gadgets and Toys: Produce colorful and durable gadgets and toys that will please both children and adults.
    • Personalized Gifts: The perfect solution for unique, personalized gifts for loved ones.

    Why Choose PLA Magic Silk?

    • Versatility: Filament performs excellently across different types of 3D printers, without the need for specialized equipment.
    • Aesthetics: The unique combination of three colors produces impressive prints that attract attention with their depth and dynamics.
    • Ease of Use: Filament is easy to print and ideal for beginners, due to its low requirements for printer settings.
    • High Gloss: The special material mix provides prints with a unique shine not visible on other filaments.
    • Odorless: Safe and comfortable to use in home environments.

    Technical Specifications:



    1,75 mm

    300g (vacuum-packed with a moisture absorbe)

    1,24 g/cm³


    We invite you to discover the potential of PLA Magic Silk Aurora and revolutionize your work with a 3D printer. Choose PLA Magic Silk for the best visual effects and reliable print quality.

    Rosa3D PLA Magic Silk

    Technical Specifications:

    PLA Magic Silk is a 3D filament that combines ease of use, vibrant colors, and a shiny surface finish. Thanks to co-extrusion, it offers two-color or three-color prints with color-changing effects, giving projects a magical appearance. It's perfect for detailed 3D models.

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