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Zortrax Endureal

    Zortrax Endureal

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    Heating chamber up to 200°C? A dream for many, daily routine for us

    The Zortrax Endureal printing chamber reaches temperatures of up to 200°C, creating an ideal environment for processing advanced high-temperature materials. Such temperature optimization ensures exceptional print quality while guaranteeing the durability and precision of printed components. Thanks to this, users can count on excellent results, regardless of the material used.


    Two materials, one print

    Endureal utilizes an innovative double extrusion system, which allows for printing advanced polymers and metallic materials using specialized support materials. Thanks to its unique design, the extruder components and cables are perfectly thermally isolated from the print chamber, effectively minimizing thermal conductivity. The printer's nozzles, made from durable industrial bronze, are designed to work with high-abrasion materials such as Z-PEEK, VICTREX AM™ 200, Z-PEI 9085, and Z-PEI 1010. Additionally, in collaboration with BASF Ultrafuse® filaments, Zortrax Endureal is able to produce durable steel components. What's more, the printer supports both single and double extrusion modes.


    Protections at industrial standards

    Blackout Response System

    Zortrax Endureal features an advanced print-resumption function after a power outage. Thanks to built-in capacitors, the printer saves the exact position of the print head in case of power interruptions. This allows the print to continue precisely from where it left off once power is restored

    Supervision over the printing process

    Remote tracking of the printing progress in 3D printers is possible thanks to a high-temperature-resistant camera placed inside the device's chamber. This specialized camera provides real-time image transmission, even under extreme working conditions

    Precise filament sensors

    Specialized sensors of the 3D printer monitor the condition of the filament, detecting jams, exhaustion, or shortages. An advanced weight measurement system automatically checks the amount of available material on the filament spools

    Isolated chamber for filaments

    The enclosed filament chamber in 3D printers ensures ideal conditions for the spools. Equipped with a specializded moisture absorber, it regulates humidity, which is crucial for highly hygroscopic materials



    The Zortrax Endureal 3D printer offers a workspace measuring 400x300x300 mm, perfect for creating full-sized structural components for the industry. With double extrusion and the ability to print from high-temperature polymers and metals, models can effectively utilize the entire workspace. Additionally, the use of soluble support material allows for printing models in layers, stacked one on top of the other

    Zortrax Endureal

    Technical specifications

    Zortrax Endureal is transforming the world of 3D printing with its dual extruder, making the process more precise and advanced. Thanks to innovative features such as automatic bed calibration and a heated print chamber, working with materials like PEEK and PEKK becomes easier than ever

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