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    Sunlu SUNLU PLA


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    Colors: Rainbow
    Weight: 1000g

    SUNLU PLA Rainbow is a unique 3D printing material characterized by gradient color effects. The rainbow effect, achieved through transitions between different colors during printing, gives prints a visually stunning effect. Made from renewable resources such as corn starch, this filament not only provides aesthetic satisfaction but is also an environmentally conscious choice.

    Applications and recommendations: SUNLU PLA Rainbow is an excellent choice for a wide range of projects - from artistic prints, interior decorations, jewelry, to gadgets and toys. Its ease of printing and high surface gloss make it attractive for both experienced professionals and hobbyists. Remember, the optimal printing temperature may vary depending on the printer specifications and other printing factors.

    SUNLU PLA Rainbow is a material that allows for the exploration of new possibilities in 3D printing, while emphasizing a commitment to environmental protection.

    Material properties:

    • Material: PLA Rainbow, designed with ecology in mind, utilizing corn starch.
    • Visual effect: Gradient color transitions create a rainbow effect, perfect for 3D models with complex structures and numerous details.
    • Eco-friendly choice: Made from renewable sources, highlighting its environmentally friendly nature.

    Technical Specifications:



    1,75 mm

    1000g (vacuum-packed with a moisture absorbe)

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