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PLA Multicolour Silk

    Rosa3D PLA Multicolour Silk


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    Colors: Candy
    Weight: 800g

    Discover the Magic of Colors with PLA Multicolour Silk: Introducing the exclusive PLA Multicolour Silk filament from Rosa3D, designed to elevate your 3D printing to a whole new level of aesthetics. Each spool of this innovative filament offers a multi-colored strand with a full color cycle weighing just 120g, allowing for the creation of prints with a unique character.

    Perfect Choice for Creative Projects:

    • Home Decorations: Lampshades, vases, and other interior design elements.
    • Toys: Figurines that come to life with a rich palette of colors.
    • Gadgets: Keychains, pendants, and other personalized gifts.
    • Creative Gifts: Unique, personalized presents for loved ones.

    Why Choose PLA Multicolour Silk?

    • Unique Color Transitions: Soft and harmonious tonal transitions that complement each other, creating striking patterns on prints.
    • Glossy Finish: A special blend of materials based on PLA gives prints a visually soft appearance and beautiful light reflection.
    • Ease of Printing: Filament is easy to use even for beginners, does not require an enclosed chamber or speed adjustment.
    • High Adhesion: Excellent adhesion between layers and to the print bed.

    Technical Specifications:



    1,75 mm

    1000g (vacuum-packed with a moisture absorbe)

    1,24 g/cm³


    Note: Each spool may start from a different color, adding uniqueness to each print. Prepare to explore endless creative possibilities with PLA Multicolour Silk from Rosa3D

    Rosa3D Multicolour Silk

    Technical Specifications:

    The PLA Multicolour Silk filament from Rosa3D allows for the creation of 3D prints with unique coloration thanks to its multicolored thread and a glossy finish that reflects light, adding visual depth. Its user-friendly formula works well on standard PLA settings, requires no special equipment or printing conditions, making it perfect for those starting out in 3D printing.

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