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    Rosa3D ReFill PCTG


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    Colors: Winter White
    Weight: 1000g

    The ROSA3D PCTG Army Green filament offers a modern alternative to the popular PET-G filament, providing increased impact strength, flexibility, and temperature resistance. Its ease of printing makes it ideal for both experienced users and beginners in 3D printing.

    Applications: Prototyping, large-format printing, production of lamp shades and enclosures. Particularly useful in the automotive sector for creating engine components, enclosures, accessories, and in the sports sector for producing protectors and accessories.

    This eco-friendly filament is also resistant to high temperatures, allowing its use in demanding conditions, ensuring durability and an aesthetic appearance of the final prints. Ideal for those seeking materials with high quality and durability.

    Specyfikacja techniczna:


    0-60%, depending on the model's geometry

    1,75 mm

    1000 g, vacuum-sealed with a moisture absorber to maintain quality

    1,24 g/cm³


    Instructions for using the Masterspool:

    Rosa3D ReFill PCTG

    Technical Specifications:

    ROSA3D PCTG filament provides enhanced impact strength, flexibility, and thermal resistance, making it perfect for both professional and home 3D printing uses. It is ideal for automotive and sports applications due to its robustness and high-quality finish.

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