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ReFill PLA Starter

    Rosa3D ReFill PLA Starter


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    Colors: Red Jasper Satin
    Weight: 1000g

    Rosa3D PLA Starter Filament – Perfect for 3D Printing Beginners

    Rosa3D's PLA Starter filament is an excellent choice for those embarking on their 3D printing journey. It stands out for its ease of use and durability, making it an ideal material for a wide range of projects such as decorations, toys, and gadgets

    Filament Benefits:

    • Low Shrinkage: Ensures excellent layer adhesion and detail fidelity
    • Biodegradable: Made from environmentally friendly biopolymer
    • Ease of Use: Produces excellent results even with less complicated 3D printers
    • Wide Color Range: Availability of different shades allows for the realization of creative and colorful projects

    Technical Specifications:


    70-100%, which supports printing even on unheated tables

    1,75 mm

    1000 g (vacuum-packed)

    1,24 g/cm³


    For adhesion issues, we recommend using an adhesive agent from AprintaPro. PLA Starter by Rosa3D is certified for food contact, ensuring safe use.

    Instructions for Using the Masterspool:

    ReFill Rosa3D PLA Starter 1000g

    Technical Specifications

    The PLA Starter filament from Rosa3D is a biodegradable, odorless filament with a 1.75 mm diameter, perfect for beginners using 3D printers. It's easy to use, has minimal shrinkage, and the prints are characterized by excellent layer adhesion and detail. Vacuum-packed with a moisture absorber, it ensures the durability and quality of prints, and a wide range of colors inspires creation.

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